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Swap Bitcoin (BTC) to Solana (SOL) instantly

Solana is a blockchain platform designed to offer decentralized applications that can be adapted to changing needs. It was launched in 2017 by A. Yakovenko, but was first released in April 2019. Solana could be a sort of cryptocurrency or advanced money that exists only online. 24-hour trading volume of Solana is about of $2,404,288,648 USD. Not at all like Bitcoin, that employments the POW calculation as a decentralized clock for the framework, Solana employments a Verification of History strategy.
Not so long back, no one listened about this virtual currency. Therefore, the assumption that was made later about the “Ethereum killer” sounded quite loud. On the other hand, at the minute the coin is within the beat ten cryptocurrencies, involving the eighth position. Since the prospects are still there. In expansion, one of the objectives of SOL is to gotten to be a competitive coin. In any case, agreeing to the maker of the token, he did not propose to outperform ETH.
Solana is now a well known open source project. That means every interested person is able to do investment not really knowing Solana s main purpose. With Boomchange, you can do almost all transactions you want, in this very case you can use Solana to send or receive the coin or transfer it.
Solana uses a unique system different from all cryptocurrencies. He Solana has interestying network that runs on two algorithms at once, one called Proof of Stake, which allows validators to validate transactions depending on how many coins they hold, and the second one new Proof of History synchronization technology. This algorithm has an exclusive internal clock that shows the same time on all nodes. What does it mean? So in an easy word, your transactions are always safe. Smart contracts are what Solana has been doing and are no different from any other blockchain. The mentioned contracts can be used to manage, categorize and track assets and transactions. This coin is close in its basics to those who know more programming languages like eBPF, which permit the Rust, C, and C++ programming languages to be used.
In case we return to the title of “Ethereum killer”, by which most dealers know the coin presently, at that point it’s as well early to genuinely conversation around something like that. In comparison, less than a hundred decentralized applications run on this blockchain. At the same time, Ethereum has thousands of them. This may moreover be clarified by the truth that the dispatch of Ethereum happened some of a long time some time recently Solana. Many expansive financial specialists accept that SOL has each chance to induce genuine improvement. Hence, at the starting of final year, the venture pulled in over $300 million in speculations. It is known that the lion's share of the sum was contributed by Andreessen Horowitz, one of the key speculation companies found in Silicon Valley.
If we talk about Solana s advantages, can be considered key speed taking into account the enromous number of transactions it can usually handle. It is not said for nothingthat this coin is all about speed, with 400-millisecond block times. Solana also has significantly lowed transaction commisions compared to many other cryptos, competing blockchains such as ranked under 20 of all top charters even Ethereum.

How to exchange Bitcoin to Solana

With Boomchange which is a swapping platform you can do any cryptocurrency transaction easily. For example, in this case, to convert Bitcoin to Solana.
In our website there is no difficult registration. Safety is our goal. If you want to change 1 BTC to SOL: By step one, you need selecting correct exchanging pairs: Bitcoin by Solana. By second step that is considered to be finishing is just entering recipient's wallet address and confirming the Btc vs Sol transaction.
In every case, please be aware and get to know the exchange rates to see how many Solana coins you'll get for one Bitcoin. Converting Bitcoin by Solana is very easy by boomchange.

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