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Hello everyone, we're going to cover a lot of topics such as Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin wallets, how to trade Bitcoin and a lot more. Today we're going to start from the most popular one and answer the third most searched term on Google these very days. What is Bitcoin? If you’re worried, we’re going to find out. Even if you have almost no idea what bitcoin is, why millions of people choose it, where to buy or exchange it and finally, how to earn money in this crypto world, after this article you will know a lot about all these things.
When you finish reading this post you’ll probably understand more about Bitcoin and how it works than the rest and even more of the population. So let’s go and dive deeply in this reality. But before this we want to stop for a while and talk about money. What is money exactly? At its core, money represents value. Money now serves a payment method. For example, if someone does some work for you, you give him or her money in exchange for the value that he/she gave you. That person can then use that money to get something of value from someone else in the future. Historically, value has taken many forms and people used a lot of different things to represent money. There were such things used as value that now could be ridiculous and surprising, such as wheat, potato, salt and, of course, gold have all been used as a method of exchange. However, these things are not reliable in time for them to redeem that value in the future. Even until centuries ago or so, we always trusted in something to represent money. However, something changed and people started to trust in something different to appreciate or give value.
Let s discuss this. Over time, it has been too difficult to keep walking on the ground and taking with you pieces of gold or other heavy things. To solve this problem, humanity created paper money. It happened in this way: these 2 entities of circulation offered to take your bar of gold and to give you other equivalent real rights. For example, taking from you the bar of gold worth $100 they will give you some paper which you can exchange in other banks and get that much of money or buy something with the same value. It can definitely be said that it's much easier to have with you a light little paper with different worths than heavy and uncomfortable ingots.
This is how changes led us away from the gold standard and this process is extremely complex, but it should be noted that governments assured their people that the government itself would be liable for the value of that paper money and take total control over it.
Nevertheless, there is also something to say about fiat money. It has two main defects: 1. It is centralized: your central authority controls and issues it. Furthermore, it is done by the government or central bank. 2. And the second defect is that money is not limited by its quantity. The authorities can print as much as they want whenever needed. And the bad side of this for you is they can inflate the money supply on the market. In other words, if you’re flooding the market with more money, the value of each dollar drops. So, in these new circumstances, your own money is worth less.
So, in the situation of these changes, you have to buy for more dollars something that used to be with less value. When fiat money started its route, international changes from real to digital money was much easier than it was expected to be. People started finding a way in which they would have to delegate to their central authority to issue money and people on their own would earn money, mostly not in cash. It is obvious that the role of authorities will weaken, and they will not be able to keep track of who owns what.

Decentralized coin

In this system, every device that takes part in this system also keeps a copy of the register, also known as the Blockchain. You'll need to eliminate hundreds of computers that are constantly updating a copy of the ledger and keeping a copy of the system in order to hack the ledger or destroy it.Doing this is impossible at the current time.Like most money these days, Bitcoin is also considered to be a digital one. This means Bitcoin is physically untouchable. There are no material coins, there are only tracks of transactions and balances. When someone has Bitcoin, it means that he/she has the right to access a specific Bitcoin address recorded in the ledger and forward funds from it to a different address. So how can we understand all this? Why did Bitcoin shock the world and the financial system?Thus, for the first time since digital money of this appearance came into existence, people have alternative ways of money circulation. Bitcoin is a type of money that can control no one, including the government or banks. How about the time when there was no Internet, how centralized the flow of information was? At that time, if you wanted some information about cryptocurrencies, you could get it from major players like the New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.

Nowadays, due to the Internet, information is decentralized and everyone can communicate and consume knowledge from around the world with the one click of a button. Bitcoin offers a decentralized solution to money. Bitcoin has many advantages over material money. First, it gives you entire control over your money. With BTC, no one besides you can access your funds and control your digital currencies against your will.

The most surprising and attractive of all of this is that no government and banks can take control over your balances, freeze your account or finally confiscate your holdings, which almost everyone likes.
In Bitcoin, many transactions are absent and high commissions. Bitcoin also leaves out a lot of the middlemen from the process of transferring money. So, in many cases, Bitcoin is cheaper to use than usual wire transfers. Furthermore, Bitcoin opens up digital commerce to about 2.5 billion people around the world, which is an enormous number who have no access to the current banking system.
Thus, it's very easy now to trade with just a click of the button using Bitcoin. Here no one can permit or interfere to do this. Today there are many online and offline platforms that accept Bitcoin. Anybody can order a flight or book a hotel with their favorite crypto, such as Bitcoin, if you like. Bitcoin debit cards are now accepted for payment at almost any store in Bitcoin. However, it is not used by the majority of the public.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is considered the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap, after Bitcoin. It was launched in 2015. Eth. Is also a decentralized counting place where you can run a lot of applications, including the entire DeFi universe.
In this world of cryptocurrency you need to understand the system subtleties of Bitcoin, work in the Blockchain Explosion and see many interesting ideas that are ready to increase their interest and become an indivisible part of our lives. By studying other and not so skilled Bitcoin codes, the most fascinating cryptos were founded: Such as Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Monero (XMR), etc... But Ethereum was created before and after its official launch has enormous popularity. It seems that this period of time is so short, but the world changes every aspect very fast and everything is moving quickly. In the case of Ethereum all these things are merged. There is always an opinion that Ethereum will steal place of Bitcoin. So, reluctantly, it is very important to know more things about cryptos for taking risks.
Many cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum started with significant goals that we can achieve in a long time. Although the success of any crypto-monetary project is not guaranteed, if a crypto-monetary project achieves its goals, then investors will benefit greatly in the long run.

However, for any cryptocurrency activity, it should be considered a long-term success to achieve widespread acceptance. Cryptocurrencies are profitable, but the best investment experts recommend investing in cryptos in research like investing in mutual funds.

The major currencies traded are Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), and Ripple's XRP. Although Ethereum is one of the most respected cryptocurrencies, commentators say that Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) are gaining momentum due to their technical advantages.
Experts believe that it is better to invest in an amount that you do not need, and the market volatility will soon cause problems. It is not necessary to take a loan to invest; that is, you can start investing small amounts over a long period of time to get significant returns. Experts believe that crypto SIPs are the right way to start investing regularly in small amounts. "The right way to invest in cryptography is not to borrow or invest in any asset class, be it cryptography or shares or gold.
As a result, all types of assets do not provide constant returns, while loans are payments that we need to pay regularly without fail. He added, "Investors do not need to invest large sums in cryptocurrencies; They have the option to buy a portion of the currency and increase the investment when they receive their money.
In spite of this short period of time since his attack, future roads have many difficulties. In the year of 2016 the commercial place was damaged and tokens worth about $50.000.000 were stolen. The solution does t take long and, thanks to a fork in the blockchain, was adopted in the form of two tokens and coins that have passed their own way: Ether. (ETH) and Ether. Classic (ETC). To solve this issue, that seemed to be insoluble conflict, and for making the decision to make that tough, all the people who have signs can vote using the platform itself.
There are a few differences between these two ones. Ethereum can be used as small pieces of code or contracts like smart ones, and can be executed with complete trust, so the possibilities are much greater than financial problems.
Other differences are obvious. For example, the total amount of Bitcoin is around 21 million while Ether will increase to the amount of only 90 million. Currently, there are about 3 million Bitcoins to be mined and by the year 2023 about 45 million Ether will be produced.

On the other hand, blocks are created in the Bitcoin Blockchain every 10 minutes, while in Ethereum the creation of a block takes about 12 seconds to speed up transactions.
The liness of the Bitcoin connection maintains a complete copy of the "account book" or Blockchain. The nodes of the Ethereum connection not only work, but they also maintain the history of smart contracts and the latest status of those contracts. To implement contracts called smart, Ethereum nodes create a large virtual mechanism or machine (EVM) that can compose and execute code. These are written in a simple language called byte code. Those projects that anyone can throw at the Blockchain are very simple. It's not about complex algorithms but about simple code systems that say "if this happens, I do this and if this happens, then I do this else". These apps can be run on any new computer or phone without any problems. The advantage of Eth., therefore, is that they are created in a virtual project based on a Blockchain and therefore become a "smart contract" or a code created in an informational way, which cannot be modifiable and irreversible. Manipulations. All parties who know the virtual contract can have the peace of mind that it will be executed according to the agreed rules.

Understanding concepts

Ethereum is a platform based on and uses a cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH). Every time you want to enter something in a block, it is necessary to pay, like Bitcoin works, a commission in ETH. Why is it necessary? It's easy because it's what drives people to provide computers to support the internet. If there is nothing annoying like that, of course there are only fans that contribute to the creation of the website, and it is not possible to increase it. It's true that there are some cryptocurrencies that do very little, but that's what inspires them. An example is Digibyte, which will become a distraction in the future as the most widely used cryptocurrency due to its speed and its usefulness in terms of micropayments.

In Bitcoin, the commission depends on the amount of work (not the amount but the number of bytes it occupies, depending on how the funds are divided between the different numbers of Bitcoin). On Ethereum, there is a lot of work; that is, it will be better if the program you are trying to introduce is well-prepared from the point of view of its coding. In this case, it is recommended that the smart contracts you want to introduce do not contain useless code. In other words, it should be as simple as possible.

With Ethereum there is one more point to consider. Note, if you introduce a project or smart contract on the Blockchain, you pay a commission for doing so. But from there, we have a plan that will run for a while. It may be one time, or it may need to run from time to time or for a long time. Like machines, a source of energy is required to operate. It is for this reason that energy is called GAS. Therefore, in order to avoid poorly constructed code or malicious code that causes it to run forever, it is necessary to establish a limit measured in numbers or steps. Each step of an algorithm requires about 1 GAS or more if it involves more computing power or more data to be stored, it is not the same as calculating 3 × 4 instead of the square roots of the sequence of spiky primes. It is a word; then we'll see some more smart and solid contract ideas. Finally, the calculation of the correct GAS depends on these parameters and about 5 GAS per byte should be done.
Therefore, Ethereum is well protected against malicious attacks (they are very expensive) and at the same time provides enough incentives for the network of computers to support its Blockchain and the operations that are carried out on it.

The best things about Ethereum

With Ethereum one can create new tokens to serve as currency or share in financial projects. It is possible to create smart contracts that act as if without third parties. Electoral systems and forms of informal governance can create uncertainty about your credibility. Ways to ensure that information or systems are immutable and unalterable. Savings systems are only released when certain requirements are met; for example, the safe transfer of funds or securities without being trusted by a trusted third party. The possibilities are almost endless.

Can the Ethereum Blockchain Continue Its Growth?

This is one of the main problems of any Blockchain. Bitcoin has already seen itself face to face with this issue and this has inspired many people to create new types of cryptocurrency with specific features that aim to solve the problem of its longevity. The Ethereum roadmap has solutions designed for this issue but, like everything that is not created, it always raises questions about its effectiveness. For example, if a new block is created every 12 seconds, we can ask ourselves if in a few more years a computer working as a node will have a lot of time to host a copy of the entire Blockchain and whether it is possible for companies or companies with strong resources. A practical solution is that the nodes do not need to maintain them in a way called "sharing" of the database. In this case, there will be confirmations of operations between trusted nodes, in general, to have a copy of the entire Blockchain, although each one is only a part. Ideally, it needs solutions to guarantee the reliability of the nodes. Ethereum has designed a way to achieve that trust. On the other hand, we have organized a layered Blockchain or Lightning Network. We will often comment in this blog on the relationship that brings these opportunities and the expansion of the expected possibilities.In short, the creators of Ethereum are doing a lot of scaling work to increase the number of transactions per second and, therefore, facilitate the great growth that we see for this technology.

Ethereum is the slide of Bitcoin

Ether (ETH) is used as a standard in cryptocurrency exchange. We have already said that the most common is Bitcoin, many exchanges also use ETH. This means you can buy other cryptocurrencies to exchange ETH and not necessarily Bitcoin. In the "penultimate" crisis or the fall of Bitcoin, Ether is strong and there is a sense of favor, since Bitcoin is considered the mother of everything and the reference "brand". The world of cryptocurrencies offers a wide range of possibilities that, as we know, go beyond their function as currencies or as means of exchange and storage. Many people now prefer to invest in ETH rather than BTC, because the former is more stable. Bitcoin has almost become a form of digital gold; it has value and the value increases over time. But nothing else is expected from the digital gold bullion. 2022 came to prove that any time the price of Bitcoin may decrease deeply.
But with a technology like the Ethereum that is developing, it is possible to build many interesting things under the property. There are people who know Bitcoin is a technology that works well for what it is intended for and is therefore a safer solution than Ethereum, with its many uses, can be.

How do you earn Ether?

In the same way that Bitcoin can be sold on many exchanges that accept fiat currency (euro, dollars...) and the sale of other cryptocurrencies. Of course, like any other money, it can be earned by buying goods or services. This means that you can accept payments (or contributions) in Ether just like Bitcoin or any other currency. Incorporating cryptocurrencies into your financial or professional life is not something reserved for the few people who spend all day in front of a computer doing what the rest do, of the person who does not do it. That is, deciding to be a part of progress and new technologies instead of always thinking "it was better in the past".

How to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum

Process of exchanging btc to eth.

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