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Bitcoin to Stepn Calculator

First let's take a look at what is stepn? What is stepn, and what is gmt crypto? In this post we want to introduce already well-known GMT which is the token of the popular crypto game Stepn. It is launched in March 2022 and based on Solana. To know more about Solana you can read in our website, we have blogpost also about this coin. The game of Stepn has become very popular. This was happened in a very short period of time. The team of this cryptocurrency had to limit the number of new user registrations per day, because interest in this game grew tremendously, which led to the fact that in a few weeks, about a month, the price of Stepn reach about $4. GMT worth was continuously growing while many cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply in Spring. GMT Coin, which had a supply of 6 billion when it first appeared, offered only 600 million coins to the market at that time. This makes the coin more attractive.
Stepn is very similar to sweat coin. Stepn is a move to earn app. The main difference is that this one works on the Solana blockchain. In simple words you earn crypto for running or even walking. So the steps you do are accumulateed to Mint the green Satoshi tokens or GSTs that are collected in one of your wallet.
The frequent mention of Metaverse projects has succeeded in attracting the attention of investors to this field. GMT Coin is closely followed. You can find the answers to all your questions about the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) in our article.


What is Green Metaverse Token (GMT) Coin?

GMT is the managing token of STEPN. Game-Fi is also a token usually used for access and managing of other digital funds, especially NFTs for STEPN. It allows users to gain some money and have fun while doing useful activities. It is digital money that can be used for investment purposes.
This crypto mostly aims to preserve health. Its motivate users to move more. How is it done? As a reward for movement for every step tokens are awarded, and tracking of the movement of players is carried out using GPS by the Stepn application. The system works differently from other cryptocurrencies. First, it is necessary to act through a mobile application called STEPN. You download STEPN, one of the types of applications that make money by running, walking and moving, to your mobile phones. Then, by signing up here, you buy some products that can be used in the Metaverse world with Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. This is how your GMT assets or cryptos are activated.
The project of this Token is basically based on STEPN. It was created with the goal of being a Web 3.0 lifestyle app. It is enriched with NFT Sneakers and aims for users to walk, run outdoors to get award in the form of GST. Furthermore, it intends to offer both entertainment, health and income.
GMT gives about 30 percent of the all tokens to users, . In contrast, 30 percent of the ecosystem funding is used for various community development programs and giveaways.


What Makes the STEPN Project Unique?

The main factor that makes the project unique is that it is a lifestyle app. With Game-Fi & Social-FI features. Participants of this game are allowed to transact with the in-app Marketplace for NFT Sneaker purchases and rentals. These GST earnings, that is considered to be income, from transactions are stored in in-app wallets with built-in exchange functionality.


Stepn Sneakers

Another important prerequisite for participating in the game is that users of this need to purchase NFT in the form of sneakers. The price was 9 SOL. A big change in the market led to that the team of Stepn announced that this crypto game will be unavailable to users whose IP address or their location is in China, and all banned players will be unable to earn tokens in the event from July 15. And after all this, it was predictable that the price would fall. It s become 3 SOL for the sneakers and the price of GMT token fell $0.89.
How does this actually work?

Now how does it work and how will you earn money from it. The first thing is that you need to install the Stephen app because that's what money monitors your movements. The next thing you need to do is purchasing a pair of sneakers not the usual ones but virtual sneakers a kind of in-game NFT. This is the only investment that you should do to earn through this project the sneakers can be bought with GSD the in-game currency and the cheapest sneakers cost around $500 which is quite a price however stepn is trying to cope with this by allowing people to rent.
After buying the virtual sneakers, all you have to do is work out and your steps will be converted to GST. You can use GST to buy better sneakers or cash it out. Better sneakers give you better chances at efficiency, resilience, comfort Etc. There is one limitation. You can only earn within 10 minutes a day. A very important thing to remember is that GST is the in-game token while the governance token is GMT. GMT is earned when the users move with a level 30 NFT in this case sneakers and take part in this in-game activities.

To participate in this you should know about marketplace. Participants can do buying and selling deals or renting sneakers in the form of NFTs, many identification symbols, and jewelry there. The Marketplace has smart navigation system. NFT Sneakers, Shoe Boxes, and Gems are available for purchase and sale. There was big difficulty to engaging new participants in a Crypto-related game. To overcome this Stepn offered a new rental system. To get in this smart system users need only download the app and rent a one of an existing sneaker. For renting, you can go into the app store. In the next step the user need to apply for the lease and the tenant should agree to all the terms of the lease before it can be approved. This rental period and process last 24 hours, after this there is option to return the sneaker to its owner for checking the need of repairing. Here works the system of credits and points. Tenants have credit ratings and if the rating is high the rental agreement is settled very easily otherwise this process can be stretched up to 7 days. Following the terms and the conditions is very important. If this is not done the tenant loses 1 star which leads to further difficulties. Completing the terms Smart Contract tenant will accumulate the earnings equal to 0.1 credits. These earnings are fixed.


Green (GMT) Coin Market Information

GMT Token has a not unlimited supply of 6 000 000 000 coins. As of April 2022, it reached the highest level with a price of about $4 ($3.97).
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Green (GMT) Coin?
Green Metaverse Token (GMT) benefits:
· Gains by walking, running or daily activities.
· It encourages people to have healthier life.
· Markets can be traded with GMT.
Green Metaverse Token (GMT) disadvantages:
· Negative price action can be seen if it loses its popularity.
· It has various financial problems from a technical point of view.
How and Where to Buy Green (GMT) Coin?
1. Enter GMT listed exchanges.
2. Follow the account opening steps.
3. Transfer money from your bank account after authentication.
4. Trade with BTC, USDT, BUSD, BNB trading pairs.
5. Store in secure wallets.


How to exchange Bitcoin to Stepn

Below is shown the route to exchange Bitcoin to Stepn.
GMT is included on many crypto exchanges. The singularity of GMT is that it can not be bought directly with fiat currency as lots of cryptocurrencies can be done. To buy this coin easily buy this coin in an effortlessly way you need first buy Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, USDT from one of exchange and then sending it to the exchange that do GMT transactions.
And in this case Boomchange is here. Boomchange is trusted exchanging platform. Here you can find the most continent way to convert Bitcoin to Stepn. There might be a question “Why should I choose exactly boomchange crypto exchange?”. Answer for this question is very simple. Our exchange have no difficult registrations and the percentage of fees are very low. There is also security point of view. Our deals are done in a secret way. Transaction are anonymous. If you want to swap one BTC to GMT: you need to choose right pairs for doing correct transaction, in this example, Bitcoin by Stepn.
Here you are reach to the finish of BTC vs GMT transaction. Attention: the exchange rates are not static and every time you do transaction please be careful and check all active tariffs to see how many GMT's you'll get for one Bitcoin.Good luck swapping Bitcoin by Stepn. Thank you for trusting us.


GMT Price Prediction

Now let's move on to the important part of this post. As of the time of this article being made the currency of stepn GST stands at a price level of 3 cents (28 September 2022). The 24-hour trading volume is 3 048 009 and the circulating supply is 557 690 712.81 GST with a total supply of 567 690 713 GSD and the market cap is 16 433 958 dollars while the actual crypto token that is GMT is around 62 cents with a maximum level of 63 cents.

It has a circulating Supply as well as a total supply of 600 million GMT. The market price is 377 037 876 dollars. GMT fell about 80 due to its bad Market condition this year (2022), however in an attempt to secure the future it has launched a decentralized exchange and has introduced new in-game mechanisms. GMT is predicted to start the year 2025 at an average price of 2.6 dollar. By the mid of 2025 it would reach 3.1 dollars. It's expected to end the year 2025 at an average of 3.45 with a maximum level of 4.11. All of this is being assumed on the basis that we won't have the current market crisis of 2025.
Now the question is whether the Stepn worth your time. The answer is yes. We mean, if you can get fit and max out in terms of health and wealth, what's that of here. You can earn with an investment of 500 dollars. It's legit and has the potential to grow, Why not take advantage of it. The decision is yours.

There is opinion that Green Metaverse Token will reach a stronger position in the future, if not now. GMT was also not immune to the spring-summer fall in cryptocurrency prices․ The general opinion of the experts is that it determines its position positively in the long run. However, these comments by analysts are only market expectations, not investment advice. The risk of uncertainty can also negatively affect the price.




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