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How to withdraw Trust Wallet to PayPal 2023

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How to withdraw Trust Wallet to PayPal 2023

Cryptocurrency investment and trading is very popular today. It is up to every cryptocurrency-user in this crypto world to decide in what coin to put their funds for short-term or long-term investment. There are many safe online crypto wallets in which you can hold your savings, such as Trust Wallet, Exodus, Bitcoin Core, Metamask etc. Besides online wallets, there are material, visible, touchable and sensible wallets like Ledger. 

In our sights is Trust Wallet now. So if you have that kind of funds in it, and you are looking for a way how to withdraw money from Trust Wallet to PayPal, we are here to help you. 

1. First go to the website Boomchange.net


2. Choose the right pairs you decide to exchange. For example, USDT (TRC20) in the first section and PayPal in the second block.

3. Enter the amount you would like to exchange. In our case, it is 20 USDT. Here it is.

4. After inserting the amount you would like to swap, click on the “Exchange” button.

5. On the next page you should enter the details of your exchange. For example, in this pair (USDT TRC20 to PayPal) you need to enter your PayPal address in the first section where is written “Enter your recipient wallet address”.

6. On the same page in the second block, type your email to contact, where is written “Enter your E-mail address”.

7. After entering your PayPal account address and the address of your email, please carefully check all the information you inserted and click on the “Continue” button.

8. On the next page check the details you entered one more time and mark in the little square by which you agree with the Terms and Privacy policy.

9. Then click on the “Confirm” button.

10. On the next page you will see our USDT (TRC20) address. Please copy that address or scan the QR code. After doing this, open your Trust Wallet to send 20 USDT to our crypto address.

 Or Scan QR Code

11. On your Trust Wallet click “Tether”.

12. Then click on the “Send” button.

13. On the next page in the first section you need to paste our USDT (TRC20) address that you have copied from our website.

14. In the second section, enter the amount you want to exchange, which is 20 USDT in our case.

15. After filling out these two sections, press on the “Next” button.

16. On the next page you need to check all the details you entered and, in this step, the most significant thing is that you should have some TRX (Tron), which is a network fee for making transaction (in this very case it is 25,2 TRX = $1.52). The picture is shown below.

17. To complete this sending process, confirm the transaction․

18. When you are sure you sent the funds to our USDT (TRC20) address, return to our website and click on the “I have paid” button.

19. Don’t forget to press “OK” when you are asked “Are you sure” on the final step.

20. After you do all of these steps, you will complete your transaction and in this final step you just need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed.



When you see this “Confirming” process you just wait. Transactions done via Boomchange usually last 10-60 minutes, but in some cases it may take a little longer. During this confirming process, you can close your browser and it doesn't affect or interrupt your transaction. Your transaction will be completed, and you will get your funds regardless.


We want to inform you that in some cases, PayPal may hold your transactions up to 21 days and even longer for many reasons. To know the concrete reason for your holding, you have to contact customer support of Paypal. Your funds are placed on hold for security reasons, Paypal gives additional guarantees to its buyers, and it is part of PayPal's Buyer Protection program. Here are some reasons why your funds are placed on hold.


  1. The main reason is that your account is a new one. So, to recognize you as a reliable account owner, you should spend some period of time and you should also do a few transactions which will be fully completed.
  2. The second reason may be having many reports and refund requests related to your transactions. So you have to try to satisfy all reasonable needs of customers or people standing on the other side of your Paypal transaction.
  3. You sell an item that is considered high-risk, such as gift cards, tickets, etc.

There are some methods to get your funds as soon as possible. When you ship your product, do the service or provide your customer with the virtual product that your customer ordered, you can mark your product as shipped. To do that for Business accounts.

When you do this, the other side of your deal will be able to confirm the transaction sooner than usual.

To get your funds available as soon as possible for Personal accounts.


After submitting the final step, your customer will be able to confirm the transaction within 72 hours and you can withdraw the funds from PayPal to your bank account. So now you know that the holding process does not depend on Boomchange, we cannot hold your funds and will surely confirm your transaction when “Confirm” button appears.

What is PayPal and how to register

PayPal is used for sending and receiving online money. Besides website it has a mobile application. The process is pretty much the same as how you sign up and how you send and receive money inside PayPal, only some layouts are a little bit different. PayPal works globally and it has some special terms and conditions for different countries. So, for registration, some little steps may also be different. When you want to sign up for the first time, you need to click “Sign up” on top and there are two types of accounts on PayPal. One is Personal accounts and there is also a Business accounts. The first one you can have for your personal life and the other one for your businesses. So, regardless of which one you choose, we will help you to know more about it. If you're going to use it to send money to people you know or to pay for things online, your personal account is good, but if you want to get paid and invoice people and things like that, the business one is good for you. So choose one of these and then go ahead and click “Next”. If you have a business account, there will be some further questions about your business details. So, before creating a business account, be careful because PayPal might demand proofs of all information that you have entered. In the next steps you should type your address, add phone number, agree with the terms and conditions and create an account. 

Then it's going to ask you to either add a credit or debit card. That's where you put the credit card and debit card information or you can link a bank instead. If you're there to receive money, you don't have to do that, you can see the funds sitting on your PayPal balance and then link to an account to basically get that money out of PayPal. If you want to know much more about this, you can read on Paypal.


How to swap TWT to PayPal

TWT is the token of Trust Wallet created in 2017. You can buy this token in the same wallet. When you want to exchange your TW tokens to real money you can use our platform for getting this. On Boomchange.net you need to enter the right pairs, for example, in the first section you choose TWT token and in the second one PayPal. After choosing these two pairs and pressing "Exchange" button you can follow from point 5 of this article and finish your transaction.


Posted By Ed Jackob 

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